"What is PEP?"

"PEP" stands for Performance Enhancement Project. PEP FUKUOKA helps your performance not only for athletes, but also for general people by relieving pain and improving physical condition. You can enjoy your life more!

"Personal conditioning at PEP FUKUOKA!"

PEP FUKUOKA is a "Personal Conditioning Room" designed to improve the performance for athletes and improve the quality of life for general people. The skilled trainer with medical expertise provides the appropriate program for you.

From top athletes to people without exercise habit, PEP FUKUOKA provides proper conditioning methods to prevent from injuries, recover from injuries earlier, and improve the quality of your life.

In order to create a functional movement, it is important that there is no pain. In addition to exercise, PEP FUKUOKA provides a special microcurrent therapy to relieve both acute and chronic pain.



Name: Koichi Yamada(Birth:1970.4.10)Nickname: YAMA

Physical Therapist

NATA-ATC(National Athletic Trainers' Association, Certified Athletic Trainer)

NSCA-CSCS(National Strength & Conditioning Association, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist)

DNS(Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization)Exercise Trainer

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When you have injuries, "Acuscope" and "Myopulse", which are microcurrent devices, will be used to relieve pain and repair the injured tissues at the early stage. In addition, the whole body treatment by "Accuscope" can be expected to enhance your performance and to make the body that is less likely to get injured.

When you exercise, it is important that you positively understand your posture and how your body moves, and pave the way to your desired body. In addition, developing self-management skills leads to your fundamental improvement. In order to get the "self-management skills", "Personal Conditioning" of PEP FUKUOKA will provide the specific electrotherapy and exercise that suit each individual body.

【Initial Evaluation Fee】1,100 yen

【Personal Conditioning】Including Electrotherapy

Personal conditioning(general)11,000 yen

Personal conditioning(student)5,500 yen


High Charge(Whole Body Treatment)2,200 yen

High Charge(BIG TAC)3,300 yen

High Charge(Whole Body Treatment + BIG TAC)4,400 yen

※BIG TAC: Bimanual Gliding Transcutaneous Application of Current

What is High Charge "Whole Body Treatment"?

"High Charge (whole body treatment)" provides the electricity of the frequency band from 4,000Hz to 32,000Hz to your whole body, stimulates mitochondria while automatically modulating the frequency and the amplitude, and creates the cell activation of your whole body.

"High Charge" is recommended for recovering from fatigue, promoting metabolism, and preventing the aging. It can also be expected to improve your immune system and physical condition.

What is High Charge "BIG TAC"?

"High Charge (BIG TAC)" provides the manual massage while energizing local area of your body. It is effective for alleviating muscle tension and reducing edema.